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LEMON CREAM | Skin Whitening Cream | Remove Sun Tan From Face & Body

We will go to share with you how to prepare a lemon cream easily at home. This lemon cream is specially made to Latin and whiten your skin complexion as well as to make your skin bright glowing and radiant. This cream is also best for removing your pigmentation hyperpigmentation dark spots acne scars as well as suntan from your skin and it will give your clear pride glowing and radiant skin.
Now let's see how to make this highly effective homemade lemon cream.

And to prepare this cream you falsely gonna need 1/2 lemon and you just have to
Squeeze half lemon in a clean Bowl.

After squeezing the half lemon now you have to add half a teaspoon rose water in it.

After adding the rose water not the time to add the next ingredient which is the vitamin E oil (adding 1 TSP vitamin E oil).

And after the vitamin E oil we add 1 TSP glycerin in it.

Now after add all these ingredients now just give a good mix to all of them. They all combine with each other nicely and makes a smooth mixture

After mix all these ingredients starts a time to add the last ingredient which is the aloe vera gel (2 tbsp)

You can use any aloe vera gel which you have and after add the Aloe Vera gel you just need to mix everything really nicely to make a smooth creamy.

And a long free based and once all the ingredients are nicely mix to your homemade skin lightening, whitening and pigmentation removal lemon cream is ready.

How to store this highly effective lemon cream

Store the scream you need an airtight container. You just transferring the small airtight container and you can store it at room temperature for up to 10 to 15 days.

This cream is 100% natural and effective enlightening and whitening your skin complexion. Because it contains all the natural ingredients which work really best to lighten and whiten your skin tone and to treat your dull and dry skin. This cream also helps in fading away your dark spots acne scars pigmentation and anyone skin tone. It treats sunburn, suntan, black spots and dry and flaky skin. It also prevents all kinds of anti-aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and dull skin.
This cream makes your,
Skin fair
Crystal clear

How to use this cream for best results.

You just have to take a little amount of this cream and then apply it all over your skin and then massage it in circular motions just gently massage it in circular motion for about 30 to 50 seconds. Your skin completely absorbs this cream. And for best results you have to use it daily twice in a day for at least 15 to 20 days to get fair, glowing, radiant and highly moisturized skin.

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