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How to achieve beautiful pink lips naturally

How to achieve beautiful suppressed pink lips naturally

Let's start with Vaseline petroleum jelly. You want to apply this product all-over you lips and a generous amount of this product

You want to keep it for 5 minutes. you want to massage your lips in your fingers.
After applied Vaseline you need to use honey.

Now pick some of that honey in your finger and massage your lips minimum two minutes.

Rubbing this on your lips will create friction and it will remove all the dead skin.

It will reflect lightening your lips and you can get them perfectly pink.
Now you want get some tomato juice.

Now dip a cotton petal in this tomato juice and press this product on your lips so that this product is go deep into your lip skin.

Your skin completely absorbs this cream

Use the same cotton petal and do it same thing. If you want to get good result do it twice a day.

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