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How To Make Coffee Scrub And Get Fair Skin in Just 2 Days

Very easy and highly effective home remedy to remove your suntan acne blemishes dark spots and pigmentation within few days.

This all can be done with the help of coffee.

So basically in this one I'm going to tell you how you can prepare a coffee face scrub and a coffee face mask which will help you remove almost all your skin problems and will make your skin fair glowing spotless and clear. 

Coffee is very good for our skin. It is a rich source of antioxidants that protect our skin against free radicals that damage and age us. 

The coffee stimulates the skin and improves the blood circulation to the face that build us look bright and right. It also minimizes fine lines and protect against the lost of moisture, making it the ideal choice for anti aging, a fumes helps to reverse the damage of UV rays. 

So definitely make sure to slather this on your skin if you happen to go too much in Sun or if you
have Sun damaged skin and It will help to restore your skin from damage and will remove all your suntan acne blemishes dark spots and will make your skin more bright radiant glowing fair
and spotless.

So to prepare the coffee scrub you firstly gotta need sugar after that you
gotta need coffee grounds or the coffee

The last ingredient which over I need is olive oil but if
You don't have olive oil then you can even use coconut oil but if in case you don't even have coconut oil then you can also use sweet almond oil.

Now to prepare the homemade coffee scrub you firstly have to take 1 TSP coffee powder
in a clean Bowl.

After that you have to add 1 TSP sugar in it.

Then lastly you have to add 1 TSP olive oil or coconut oil in it.

Then you have to mix all these 3 ingredients really well to make a smooth mixture.

After giving a good mix to all these ingredients your homemade coffee scrub is ready.

The procedure to use this homemade coffee scrub is very simple and easy 

You just have to firstly apply it all over your face and neck and 

Then gently scrub it in circular motions for about one or
two minutes.

And also scrubbing it gently all over your face and neck you just
have to wash it off with normal water.

And then pat dry moisturize your skin
really well.

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