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5 Ways to Grow a Beard Faster and efficiently - Beautytipswell

Find and Grow Your Beard Quickly
So, you want to look like a manly? Or do you need extra hair, but you don't have a beard.
Here is a guide on how to quickly grow your facial hair. Of course, you'll have to remember that it takes patience at times to grow a very beard. But do not give up. Just follow my steps and you may be on your way to one of the best, fastest-growing bands ever!

Don't Shave
One of my friends, who was then 13, used to shave in hopes of growing a beard soon that way. I'm sure you've heard of this trick. Still, have you tried many times, but have not found any results?
You will not see any success in following this "trick" - because it is only a myth. The truth is, shaving has nothing to do with the growth of your face. I know some people also believe that using your face cream will make hair grow faster! Sorry, guys. This will not work.
The fact is, if your facial hair grows at a slower pace, you should actually try to shave more often. Don't waste on how thin your hair is by shaving!

Rogaine or Minoxidil is a drug known for its growth potential. This is an over-the-counter drug (which means you don't need a prescription) that comes in the form of foam applied to your skin. Apply on your face, and do not wash for about 4 hours.
Remember that there are some side effects, too.
The most common sensations are the burning sensation in your eyes, itching, and irritation in the area used.
You may experience unwanted hair growth.
Those with more sensitive skin may have allergic reactions.
Dandruff is also a side effect.
If this doesn't suit you, then don't use it. If you choose to use it, good luck!


Vitamin B7 or Biotin is also beneficial for hair growth.
Its rich, natural source is derived from raw egg yolk. However if you eat the white part of an egg, its effectiveness will be reduced.
Another good source of natural biotin comes from nuts.
This is available in capsule or pill form. Biotin 3mg capsules can stimulate your facial hair growth.

Rogaine or Biotin? Which is better?

Rogaine is more powerful, but it has many side effects.

Biotin works seamlessly, but it's harmless.

The choice is yours. Rogaine use should be stopped if you are experiencing problems, but Biotin will not give you immediate and direct side effects. Both of these drugs can be purchased from online stores such as eBay.

Clean Your Face

If you do not see much growth of facial hair and just short hair, don't worry. Take care of these little hairs.

Regularly clean your face and do not let dust particles and dried cells accumulate around the roots of your facial hair.

You can have a light rash from the growth of your hair. To prevent this and clean your beard, use dandruff shampoo soup or twice a week.

You can also try removing the lemon juice.

Massage Your Face

Apply body lotion to your face and gently massage your cheeks. Eucalyptus oil is very good for this purpose. But don't be too proud of your face, be gentle, for best results. Eucalyptus oil is sweet and is very good for the general health of your hair.
These are the steps you can follow to grow your beard very quickly. Feel free to comment or share your hair extensions.
Remember, do not go for products that are widely advertised but unknown or questionable! Good luck.

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