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Five best foods for skin whitening

Five best foods for skin whitening. 

Soft glowing skin is the desire of every woman in order to look attractive. 

At the same time, it is observed that majority of women, mainly in Asian nations, have a liking for fairer skin tone. if you also have a secret desire to get whiter skin, this time can be the perfect help for you. 

Here are 5 super foods that will make your skin whiter. 

1. Potato

Potato juice is best when I applied to blemishes and spots it clears away in a jiffy. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Place a potato piece on your face and massage it lightly. This will remove red spot, blemishes enlighten your skin tone. 

2. Carrots

carrot is a very healthful vegetable that contains beta-carotene. It has nutriment that help in improving the color of skin.
The vegetable makes the skin healthy and glowing. Start eating carrots for healthy fair skin. 
You can also have carrot juice. 

3. Green tea 

greentea fights acne based on its capability to lower-levels of any acne producing hormone called dihydrotestosterone. 

We recommend brewing up 2 to 5 cups of green tea every day in order to reap the full benefits for your skin. 

4. Milk

It is not only a rich source of calcium but milk is a great home treatment for skin whitening. The milk will moisturize your skin and lactic acids will have an exfoliating effect on the skin. 

5. Dark cocoa chocolates

Gorge on some dark chocolates to get fairer and smoother skin texture. having excellent antioxidant properties, dark chocolate consists of cocoa which is rich in flavonoids, thus helping as a protection against UV rays.

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